Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pointing the green arrow...

The target lies ahead
Green arrow spearing serpent hearts
The tearing in two of what was once never apart

Cement rain clouds taking autumn away
Tearing fern stems without a care
I used to sit for hours and feel the tickle of the prick
The fern was left with nothing but its bones
Single moments of pleasure outlived its glory

Dare I look to you
Dare I ask the moon
Dare I expose myself
For I am not afraid
I just don't know if there's anything left to expect

Trampling along in a fresh calm
I feel foreign when the wind blows my hair like this
I want to kiss
Lift me into the ocean wreck
I will battle monsters and sail to sea
This is where the sirens and titans meet me
I lay here waiting

Green arrow shoot me inside
Green arrow pointing toward the target
Green arrow point yourself

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