Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moving sickness...

Maria Friberg
via moon to moon
Keith Davis Young
via enjoythesilence
Alex Dijulio & Alex Larsen
Li Hui
The critique in mind works alongside
A test of divine drive
Pushing you to hold onto truth
You cannot live a life for another

Ancestors and family and friends say
That which they don't know they were trained to feel
Breaking old beliefs and reworking structure

Lean away from other
And hope that I can have a life like you
Make it so for me and be that which I see
I must become for whatever I long

Moving sickness and sharp speech
I need only ask my body and drink from my ribs
My survival, emotions, and sense of center bleed

I have chosen the long path of me
A daring adventure most pretend they don't see
All answers await
I am learning to trust not just fate
But to ask and do and make it be true
This is my life
And it's not up to any other you

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