Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ice old...

I believe in the organe tree
There will be fruit to see
To taste
To hold

You wouldn't feel what you feel
 if there wasn't something else waiting for you

Like Amelie running round
Sweet polka dots and silly service regulars
Sipping coffee asking for tea
Wondering what fix they need

I sit and run
And smile
The sun shines in a moment
Or rain drops ask my eyes to rest
I step in puddles
Re-find my way to the damp park
Bike bells

I can choose lipstick
With this past piece
I have good feelings in future memories
Resting and reinvigorating the knowing
What has always run through me

I have much to be thankful for
Stories even a novelist wouldn't believe
And moments that ring
Like profits and gurus
Temples deep

Many people seek
But I have no answer
Only a feeling 
Of dancing in the rain
Of walking round
A simple life with color
I sit in my yellow room.

I have a yellow room.
And I painted it.
Once a school bus took someone for a ride
Then covered up in seek deep purple gray
I heard its cry
Come back to yellow
I live in a yellow room.

I am letting go
with my heart
The train ride song
And the tea bag
had nice things to say
shared heart lines to me
Non resistance is your key

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