Saturday, October 6, 2012


my photo, Berkeley, CA
my photo, Berkeley, CA
my photo, SF, CA
via iGNANT
my photo, Berkeley, CA
There is something in my natural that you don't see
Can't open to swim within
Don't know the magic of nothing
Being in my room
With my eyes shut
You were raised by them
A sister to me
Checking in feels like a check up
Can't raise myself to cheer the way I do
You sound so happy you're really scared?
Are you?
I want my wants
Creating links from me to the Earth center
Everyone else can run town this vine
This is my space of me
And I create that which I see
My Mama lied to me
Be anything you want to be-
That's already made for you--
The subject line
Her fear roaring through family gossip
When I was seventeen my mother said to me
"Don't stop imagining
The day that you do is the day that you die"
Are you having fun?
Am I having fun?
You will either be confused
Want what I have
Or fear
But all I need is your love
I will work it out
I will take care of me
Trust me
I'm learning to trust me
Never fast enough
I love you
I can be surrounded in an instant 
If I need it

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