Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Swing song...

Ezra Stoller
Triple Mike
Tested by city flavors
And enjoying the taste
Elusive salty sweet

Today I sat on a swing, and I moved
Up and down
Holding freedom
One moment surrounded in purity
So much going on

Im doing work.

I sat on a swing at lunch today
People with their sandwiches in hand
Meeting an outside land
And key ring cards to building entrances

I called out to the tree 
Noticed the branch before me
Told me to keep my eyes closed in light
Lean back feel uneasy flight
Follow blind sight and swing up to you

My hair is long
Flinging in a swing song
Dipping into bright tunes warming cold soul

You know we've been on
Nothing needs to stop.

Times have changed
Time moved on
And we hold on
And we had joy

Oh boy we had joy

So much gone going
Sleeping is closer to today
Sleeping real
And real in sleep
Knee deep in bleak
And everything feels so far
And the past undone

Dirty game
Time to hold back change
The universe moves in waves

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