Sunday, May 8, 2011

At the water's edge...

Tin clan clacks like a tambourine

I hear the sounds in every footstep
The click of her boots
The sway of her dress 
and the swoosh of her hair

The breath of the breeze kisses the trees
They rustle from the tickle

Step by step down the 
     That never ends
And the songs that keep playing-

Icicles melt
Slow and steady drips
Pat her eardrums lightly

Where do sounds come from? 
She can never find their direction-
Behind or side to side
Circles of listening
Round and round

Tulip open your petals and let me smell you.
Move wide into daylight curiosity
And let the darkness of the night bring you back to shelter
     Hide inside

Let's sit and listen.
To our steps moving through time.
I am following the steam.
Along the water's edge the flowers grow-

Nature takes her time

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