Saturday, May 21, 2011

Giving Thanks...

Today I was reminded of my blessings. I have so much, material or not. Silly games we play. Watching this reminded me of the beauty- in everything and everywhere. Jokes and happy wrinkles always exist. Even among pain. Right now, I have an incredible love for this world. And faith in our humanity. Today, I choose the playful side of life. Today, I feel happy. Today, I want to help. Today, I feel alive. Thank you. Thank you.
I have changed. And there is no real reason why.
A moment of spurts.
Tears and runs.
Stares into sun,
Hugging trees believing their limbs reach to me-

And then I pulse arms out stretched
Pounding my legs against cement.
Finding the forest and continuing to walk
Close your eyes and feel your inner turns
"This is me"

Why expect something so small-
So plain
So planned

Life is long, and suddenly stopped
Among no time
What does my heart sing?
To love and make and give

The journey wraps and folds
And cuts-

The dues we pay, to pave the way
Reminders of great interworkings
We don't have to see

But we touch
And heal as we feel

We all run in circles, 
We all find-
Even when there is nothing left

Thank you
Mr. Light
I can't wait to hold you tight.

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