Thursday, October 6, 2011


My life experience has been one of privilege: I come from a loving family, I have always had resources to pursue passions and create goals, I was encouraged to think freely and explore, I am healthy, and I know I will never starve or live on the streets. My experience has not lent itself to seeing the world through a negative lens- nothing has shown me otherwise. I am blessed. I know this and I remind myself everyday to feel grateful for my life. But sometimes I do wonder how compassionate I can be toward others who have not had my upbringing. I love you the best I can. I can only relate to you the best I can. How can I tell someone who has lived a life of pain to shed that identity and release their fears and patterns of thinking? Would I do it well? It's not my place. We are all doing the best we can. I want to embrace the world even in all it's injustice and destruction- I allow it to be. I accept it all. 

And I will love the best I can.

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