Monday, October 10, 2011

Thinc not...

Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Syracuse, NY
Not sure who abandoned who. Not sure I can decide. Not sure I want to anymore. This mind thinc not. My eyes don't see. They tell a story I have asked them to see. I'm done with this mental conversation. Because this real is only a dream. And this too shall pass. And we never know what will be. And we have been. In this life, and probably the next. Yes I do always know. I'm singing our cheer. And I can't handle any other thought. Nothing may have changed- it has changed forever. But forever is only temporary. And if it is meant to be, this will not matter. Because we never chose fear. And if it will not be- for now, we will always be. I will come to you and you will come to me and we will look each other in the eye more full. 

And we will belong to each other separately.

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