Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thinkin is fleetin...

Thinkin' ain't easy
it doesn't come cheap.
You never know where it takes you
What mountains become steep

I keep recitin' new lines
to memorize
to mesmerize and retrain
this worried mind
It don't feel sublime.

And then I think of you
at home
My friend. Who I only knew on the coast.
Back in the day in this random way.
And now you inspire.
I feel higher.
Energetic word streams telling me to believe-
In this road of movement now

There is not a second to waste
And keep up the pace without haste
Because you have lots of life to soak up
and you never give in
Your luck never left you since you chose to begin

Never let up
Because time flies when you lie, and then you die

Live inside
And open the mind
You don't have to keep up
Keep your mind from getting stuck
Because we all want love.
And we are all worthy
to be. This love.

Everything is already always in change
It can easily rearrange
It goes both ways-

So decide how you want to play.

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