Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nothing compares to you...

I am going home.
It seems like a mere outline these days-
afraid, unsure, and changed.
But though things rearrange
I know where to go-
Where champagne and giggles cure the soul
Where I can laugh and cry and wonder why
It is the way it is.
And I know that you get it.
And wonder too.
And wish to be and see everything I do
Friends like these come around once every lifetime
I am lucky to have mine

Even as the seasons change
And our life circumstances rearrange
We still move in a groove
The beat between us always hums in my ear
And so, no matter where I go
I am inspired by you dear

My girls ground me to my roots
Or let me go high- like a kite--
I let go of might and simply take flight.
My girls remind me of who I am when I forget-
And I know you will always catch my drift--
So with you by my side
I charge forward pursuing
Passion without question
And take it all in stride.

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