Monday, November 14, 2011

Girl in Port...

Let fall your soft and swaying skirt
Let fall your shoes

Let fall your shirt

Then later on she walked around

The winding streets

She don't know who she wants to be

And if I knew, I'd tell-

And she tells me she's had fun

Up in her place the records spin

Needle in the grooves that she's worn thin

She lives asleep and she sees her name

And she's got a smile on her face

She's got a story you can't see

I cut fresh new pieces from myself

And for a second something in me

Said leave today it's time

But I'm not sailing just for sport

I've come to feel out on the sea

These urgent lies pressed against me

I'm just a guest, I'm not apart

My tender head

My easy heart

These several years out on the sea

Have made me empty cold and clear

Pour yourself into me

(Carolyn Victoria)
 Listen to the silent ring of the bell--
--whispers of wind
Inside looking out

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