Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lingering on...

(Louis Porter)
Is it true what they say about prayer flags?
Your wishes come true as they fade away?
Broken torn and worn thin threads
Prayers reveal as the wind treads
This time it was my fault.
I reached out
Knowing it was me
And not you
Hoping to grasp but afraid of your return
Then ignoring you like a ghost that refuses to go

And looking up to him
Marching my way
I want to run 

And you sir there in the cornor
Lying lies and secret eyes
You make no sense
I can't see
And you don't want to
But... still... 

I feel sad knowing that it's just about feeling sad
No holding onto hope
It can't be you
I wish it was you in the cornor
But deep down I don't want to play

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