Monday, November 7, 2011

Teach me to see...

I learn how to hold the photograph
See through the lens and make something clear
Something beautiful-
Only known with these eyes
And then shared

Look this way
into you
do you feel my smile?

I run for miles
But only in your direction
Following slowly behind
Always keeping pace
And held
You won't let me fall

I hear the call
calling me
Wake me up-
-when you are home
What is home anyhow?
Where do you find home anyway?
This road fills me-
The curves of its movements move my feet
in the right direction
even when it's the wrong way
Riding with you
there is nothing to do
only look
Outward and ahead staring at fields

Watch waves of hills pass
Burned barns and grass
Smells of smoke and fires toke
Lifted to the sound
of silence
Rustling leaves and necking scarfs
Fall-ing into the wrapped
feeling of warmth
with natural ease

I don't want to end this story
Let us ride these waves forever
Swim into the neon of light
and move with the beach
Breathing in and out
With you
Still and all that is
This is happening-
Reflecting out
Landscape of color
Bleeding across and blending
Fading and falling subtly
You change so clearly
I didn't even notice
You at my side
Breaking into the ocean
Save your breath
Hold my hand and hold the sky
Our hearts beat these colors together
Cast me away
Into still
Sinking stone washed over
I give in
I give in
I give into this weight
Sing me to sleep

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