Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today, what a day
Today I filled my day
Dreams met daylight
And came to fruition
Fulfilled and thrilled

I was told I was ready
To dance for crowds
Moving for stars
Pouring heart into sweat
This song carried my body when I let go
And now it is mine to give back
To share the story
That nearly took me over
A transition into a new time
 Where the waters are full once again

I called you, my friend
After much time had passed
This whim from within acted out fast
Today your birthday
And just yesterday you mentioned me
Serendipity is meant to be
Us, such an unlikely match
It's simply destiny
You have always grounded roots to my tree

And then I met the past
As it was back when
Before the 100 years begin

My today held my past
My today called to then
Confusion creates my creation
And yet I have to bare it all
Is this the gift of the fall?

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