Friday, January 13, 2012

The Positive Cost of Being Lost...

The lie of how we told it
Running in circles
We don’t care

My mouth on the table
Opened up
Filling with words
Sights spun this tongue

Seductive colors
Suck me deep

I don’t remember when I don’t want to
I can know you when I need to
Don’t trust these eyes
They penetrate without offering hope

I want to win. Myself. And him.

Moving on to home
I’ll be back for me
Searching the lost land
For something new

You evolved, she said.
Which way do you want to find?
It’s not what you deserve
Change is the cost of misery
It can never not be

Falling under the spell
Looking lost
And saying yes
This doorway
Helps me let go
Just thought you should know
This is the morning tide
Taking my heart for a ride

Would it be wrong to disappoint you now?
You’ve never been told there is
A different way 

How many people believe their mind?
And how many people are blind?
Just remember to be kind.

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