Saturday, January 21, 2012


Marvelous moves me
Marvelous moved mountains
Marvelous wonders and shakes souls
Art is an act of marvelous

You can make the rules as you go
Feel the color flow
Choose the movement
Let it out
Then cover and release
Because when I ask it
There is no answer
But it's for you to choose
There is no limit to right
The gift is to let us all drift
Into our own marble of marvelous
Finding what's inside you

There is no movment
Beyond what you need
But I push myself to find what needs to breathe
I move because I do
Headstands push my blood
Into fears
Set your vision
And ask what you are seeing
200 feet in front of me
The rest will come to be
Move with marvelous
And marvelous will move you too
Marvelous is the love you find
In the small dreams outside of mind
Last night you looked my way
And it was marvelous-
My lips touched yours
And your tongue wet me

Life is marvelous
Touch is freedom
Time to roll with the roll

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