Friday, November 23, 2012

Tied to a night they never met...

Arnold Cope
creatures of comfort screenshot
Lauren Davison
via Vertical
Odi Tychkowsky
via all the mountains
Living the beat
Tambourins and baseballs
Throwing tunes and homeruns
Crawled into laughter and sat

Where now do you know?
I thought you were the sweetest killer-
Did you even notice I let you go?

Sitting outside to feel inside
Held my hand
Touched soapy bathtub suds
Found night gowns in olden times

Because you said no
I thought you were the sweetest
All the time making things right

Thinking bout life
You looked different the other night
Validating sudden insight

Want to sit with me?
Met upon a coffee-
Bench beside my sight--

Was it just pretend?
And when we were too young-
Just for show--
So now you just sweetly go?

Painting from a warehouse of found faded
Someone else made my garden dream
I rewind and un-right nursery rhymes
Faded in the backyard playground

Don't notice me turn away
Let me let you break me
Wrestling color and words
Canvas stars stare back at me
Singing this is the sweetest kill

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