Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Classical Music...

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via LoveMore
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via Vertical
Classical in the classic of a moment
Weather vane draw
Pulling a new straw

The Universe asking to receive change
The folded unfolded and a smile emerge
This is the circular curve
A new wave of hellos

Everything shines in rain fall
Yellow mark on brick white sleek
That firehouse bright as ghostly sun

He and I said fuck it and ran to the street middle
Danced while the man jumped to his car
He held his key tight
We cheered for the cheer
And listened to the pebble fall

There are parrots that live a top my hill.
They are green with red beaks.
My room is yellow.
The bathroom is green.
And the yard lives in past figurines.

I live in the San Francisco dream.

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