Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lunar Ghost...

Brian Oldham 
Elvis Tang
Phillip Toledano
Yumna Al-Arashi
Paula Doepfner
Woke up and immediately began to rearrange
A mind made of music notes and harvest crown
Reached for the painting and let her down

Replaced the space with an image of two
Color swirl of dancers between movements
Blue paper umbrella shade to prove it

Today is a day for first loves-
A hand in mine and sweet goodbye
Best friends and parks made of Monet brushstrokes
Heart ink on skin
First freedom from sin

Took myself down the foxhole
Wishing only love for you
Hand painted gold
There is nothing now to hold

Walked miles and found green space
Children and palm trees
Listening to breeze

Straight lines fall up
And down
Had to call my mom

A vintage eye ring saw me today
Asking it kindly to guide the way
It remained shy with nothing to say

Stepped into the lunar eclipse
Speaking with sealed lips
Let us toast to this carnival ghost

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