Thursday, October 9, 2014

Walking away...

Alexa Eisner
Ivan Alifan
Lisa Keophila | Fiona Lim Tung | Kristen Lim Tung | Jon Margono
Yulia Ustinova
Alexa Eisner
Part I: Strangers

Sat on a door step
Gate opened knocking my knee
Just off to grab the neighborhood coffee
"I could make my own," he said
I looked at his tattoo
Got up and walked away

Picnic table seat in momentary heat
Black shirt and white block letters
Denim on denim
And every other momentary trend
I know but play pretend
His smile
And a playful pup
Got up and walked away

Corner seat and Brazilian sounds 
Felt sick and sipped wine
Asked me why I hadn't finished yet
Never saw the bottom of that glass
Slipped out as he asked me to stay
Just got up and walked away

Part II: Falling Leaves

Noticed my feet kicking leaves
Beginning to smell pine trees

Back to songs on repeat
Means I'm moving toward a winter beat

Yesterday it was Indian Summer
Crochet blanket with a lover

Timing and wide awake
I'm shaking a defining fate

Moments from yoga glowing
Giving up all my knowing

There's no need
-to need this body
There's no need
-to know this mind
There's no need
-to hold any longer

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