Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Preacher...

Alexa Eisner, Jean-Paul Bourdier
Alexa Eisner
via natureofthetide.tumblr
Alexa Eisner
Brian Oldham
Alexa Eisner
Alexa Eisner
I am the preacher
Singing to a ghost choir
Scribbled dream note
Repressed inner hope

Asking too much-
Can you change my mind?

I don't believe in things
Weaving new histories
Never know that he
Couldn't be bout me

What is asking?
My mind is changed-

I've been keeping on
Mistakes fall into counting cents
Caught in a fire flame
Walking in sharp rain

Raising my glass to realness
Can you feel this?
Eyes closed, mouth open, moist taste
Emotions move with such haste

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