Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bright Patterns...

Enter the wonder glass
Just for the love
Of looking

Enter the game
Just to play
Hearing and sharing and listening
To stories

Who says there's no sense to nonsense?
Color mismatches
All patterns are alone
Unique in a beauty
Making repetitions that can't ever repeat
Nietzsche's beautiful chaos
The underworld of chaos
Chewing out moments of chaos

Remember when we ate those candies as a kid?
The one's that were so sour they hurt
The war of the warhead
And then 30 second's later you found sweet revenge
So well earned
Or the fireballs
Thrusting you into a pit
Until you made it
Back out

Bittersweet between sweet
Finding the timing of in between

I love color.
I love color.
I love color.

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