Sunday, April 15, 2012


And you trust it to this
And you trust it to that
With all that you've done
You're still running tongue

Talk of this
Mention of that
But no one knows
Or cares in fact

You make the choices
It's in your power
Don't pass it along
Or listen too closely to any other song

This journey is long
It began long ago
You never and always know where to go

There is no just starting now
Then you'd erase all the learning somehow
When did you think it stopped?
Because then when would it begin?

Morning new, yet again
Meet the day with a smile
There's a lot to be done
while your head is still young
Today it begins, yet again
If it ended you wouldn't ask if it started
Constant cycles offer new glances
There are plenty of chances 

Life turns you upside down and over
Just to make sure you remember
That the inside is more important than the outside
It's not about reacting to the world
It's about making your own

Make beautiful things.
See beautiful things.
Know that you are beautiful.
And everything will always be this way.

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