Friday, April 13, 2012


Watching judgements arise
Feeling the surprise
Unrest put to the test
What are you here to show me?
How do you reflect me?

I do not like unease
I feel it in the breeze
Space inbetween
Silence fills us with promise
If this was the end it would fade away

Look into my eyes
How have I hurt you-
Why am I here for you?
Let me share with you my plee
See me too, this story is two
Our journey's put us into oath
Let's toast to the end
Because differences will no longer linger
And we will look back
Because it will pass

Today I choose to open my heart
Feel the possibility of compassion
Let go of resentment and illusion
It is not you but me that created this opporutniy
Always looking for new ways to see
And you open that potential within me

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