Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh the possibility...

I start my day the grapefruit way
Sweet and tart takes my heart
In a rush to rest in meditation
Finding the day without hesitation
Shower to repower
Warm these bones

Off to explore
New ways of connecting to the floor
Dancing with professionals
Scared they will hear my confessional
I'm a fraud
But they applaud
Do you teach too?
Great partner work you two

I see the me in you
And yes I trust you to take me away
In this blind child's play
Turn to your partner
And tell them you will take care of them
 I hope I offer you support
Because I know your heart needs to depart
Be smart
Life is short

I only want for you what I wish too
And after hinging on the fringe of balance-
I no longer feel so callus
There is a possibility calling me
I have no where to be
Everything lies within me
So where is the next place I decide to see?

I take my heat and point to the map
And this time West Africa begins to tap
An opportunity to dance creatively
I am there to help you
But I'm looking for something new
So your drums begin to fill my beat
And we both take our feet inspired by heat
A moment to break before it all comes together
Still flowing and floating like a feather
Shacks on stilts speaking French
I'm ready to fall into this trench
And quench any unrest
I love to put myself to the test-
Dare to always be at your best 

Off to the mic to here words spoken
A token from the arcade
I was ready to invade
Why didn't you take the stage?
Because I wasn't sure it could be me
And ultimately
I know this is just the beginning
I am already winning
There are oh so many possibilities
So take the title today
I played in my own way
Thinking of the plans that await
Letting go of any hate
Life is kind
No more playing rewind

Where are you now?
Find your present
It's not the hope of a gift inside
Take pride in the ride
Walk in stride with the tide
Root to the Earth
That is where we find birth
There are oh so many possibilities
I carry them all within me

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