Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Teeth...

Jennifer Turner
Random bursts create moments of pleasure
Inward focus
Blind to the outside
Knowing nothing can reside if it only hides
Where do you choose to place faith?

Taking ability to continue
Bold is bright
Letting go of what is protected
It matters, that's why it's kept inside

Fakebook keeps us connected
Tied to words and images
Chew off these baby teeth
Where does evaporated power go?

The color of a twirl sings sweet on my lips
I make breakfast every morning
because it makes me happy.

I see the light, sometimes alone
Fishing for understanding
You won't find it-
Protect yourself from their worry
Because no one else matters
And I mean that in the most loving way possible
Clash because you have to stand away
Because it's what your heart say

Today is just another day.
Today is just a day.
And we are made of many days with many moments
Filled with many me's making many choices
Today we have another day
Today is our day

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