Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There was a time-
But the world can switch so quick on you.

Sometimes you are so sure.
            Filled with something perfectly known and felt
Difficult, yes, but you.

And so home.

Then you remind me I’m an animal.

No one knows it, and no one listens.
            They leave when I’m by your side
Your hands wrap around my ears, I fall in and then I’m at rest

This new world, I am reborn-
Peeling out of myself.
Shedding layers of thick leather.

            I think of kids. And things.

I think of anything nice.

The world shifts again-
Grabs you from under your toes
Forcing your eyelids open and then you stair out front
Pupils drawn and there you are.

You look different, and it is ok.
It is good.
It is life.
And then you remember-
I’m still an animal.

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