Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tin Cans...

This poem is dedicated to my grandfather. I called him Jedo.
Humming birds

The coolness of rain brings a refreshing darkness to my day. I unwind falling deep into the fluff of the couch and peer out my window- the heaviness of the clouds relax my body.

Things stop. 
People bail from their commitments. 
I make excuses to keep from the gym.

The window opens and moist thick air enters my lungs offering breath. And I melt. My Jedo kept a tin can on his roof so he could delight in the sound of tickling rain drops. We listened to the rain dance together. For this moment I am back at his kitchen table where tacky fruit basket wall paper bubbles and peels behind him. We looked together out there. And sat silently. A hummingbird feeder fluttered in the wind- He shouldn't keep that up year round. The humming birds might never leave. 

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