Friday, March 4, 2011

Ready for the world...

Do not be afraid
Find a journey
Today I'm spending some time applying to programs in Paris for the summer. I will learn french, eat delicious food, and see beautiful things. 
San Francisco is home (my photo)
New York Subway (my photo)
Buildings & Blue (my photo)
He's looking at her (my photo)
SF Sunday coffee (my photo)
Moon Rays (my photo)
Red Sea lunch for two (my photo) 
1 of 7 wonders Petra, Jordan (my photo)
Banksy in Israel (my photo) 
Thailand river boats (my photo) 
Yellow outside train windows (my photo)
Engraved (my photo)
Berkeley (my photo) 
Secret camping destination (my photo) 
BART bricks (my photo)
Bay Area Rapid Transport (my photo)
Chihuly in SF (my photo) 
Red, White, & Blue in Central, CA (my photo)

The Caribbean (my photo) 
Across the street (my photo)
Costa Rica Coke (my photo)
Pink Floyd in Yosemite (my photo)
Growing in Ithaca, NY (my photo)
I AM (my photo)

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