Sunday, March 27, 2011


And so
I decide to write.
I want to explore.
      But I want time.
Free swings, resting stillness in the continual growth, the more and more of knowing
      that never stops. 
Books, opened, peeled, gnawed, chewed, and spit out before the taste can resonate on

my tongue. My pink tongue.

Taste buds asking what the flavor is, just as it goes...

I want to do so much. And I think I’m falling in love with myself.
I do not want to call to anyone. I no longer need an answer. I don’t want to answer.
I want to be. Finally.

Sitting still. In peace.

My lotus tree of wonder, searching the possibilities of my future.
Dancing. In the circle of moving bodies, chilled, open, and I look up.

I am watching.

Today a leaf fell, three of them scattered. They flew in momentum then jumped-
into blue sky swarmed by warm cloud smoke.
Shaking, rocking, the back and forth-
      Until they smoothed into slow decline

I watched. I saw. I stopped. And I felt the sharp breeze strike me. 

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